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10th XJR EUROFEST 2017, Brno 5. - 11. 6. 2017

Meeting motto:  XJRide to Live


Dear XJR owners and friends.


The term of our event is becoming closer and closer therefore, it is necessary to make a reservation in your personal calendar. I hope that the Jubilee reunion XJR owners will be in your calendars on  first place and the first priority as for us.


Here enclosed is some basic information about the program.


The main meeting will be held in the period from 5th to 9th of June 2017, at the camping

ATC Merkur Pasohlávky, which is located in the South of Moravia, 30 km from Brno and 90km from Vienna.


Here you can see the camping map with our place marked in red:


The invitation to the 10th Eurofest XJR is valid mainly for owners of the best bike in the world (Yamaha XJR, all versions) nevertheless, it is an open action and bikers can come on every type of motorcycle.  The 10th Eurofest will follow another event, the 33rd Czech owners club meeting, held in the period 9th to 11th of June.


Both events are connected and, organised in the same place by the same organisation team, it means that Eurofest participants can stay until Sunday and Czech club participants can arrive on Monday and stay until the end. Everything is booked for the whole week, including the weekend, so we will be happy for anybody who finds the courage to stay with us untill Sunday.


The  program of the event corresponds with an extraordinary milestone.  This is the tenth gathering of us motorbike lovers to ride motorcycles together and, across Europe - and it shouldn´t be missed! Be assured that the Czech team will do everything to make this such a memorable event.


The highlight of our program is a visit to the Brno race circuit, which holds every year the Moto GP. We stress that it won´t just be a normal tour but, 180 riders will have the opportunity for a 25-minute ride round the circuit. We have booked this for us from 18.00 to 20.00 hours. Detail informations are HERE.


Event schedule:

We have secured accommodation on the shores of Lake Mušov in four blocks of bungalows, which are divided into simple but comfortable apartments with three to six beds, kitchen and bathroom. Triple apartments are located in the ground and, the rest are designed as multi-bed ground floor and attic. Layout of the bungalows is here. The total capacity is 215 beds in reserve but we still have about another 100 beds in chalets if needed.


Directly in front of the bungalows (red rectangle) will be our party tent, the stage for music and food stalls. There will take place a complete program of events, including breakfast and dinner. Food and drink for us is provided by a reputable company and, all will be of excellent quality and typicly Czech (a super price). The choice we have among others, are several kinds of beer and grilled specialties.


The price of accommodation: after consultation with our Captain, we have chosen a “Nearly all inclusive” model. This means that almost everything you get, covers one daily fee of EUR 30 per person.


At this price you will receive: free entry to the premises, dinner, evening program, one night's accommodation, breakfast, daily program.


Small notice - Nearly All inclusive model does not include the consumption of alcohol (which is not important, because alcoholic beverages are very cheap in the Czech Republic, eg. the water in restaurants is usually more expensive than beer - no joke! ))


Most of the prices we pay in advance and therefore, let us obtain from you the full amount of the stay in advance. After crediting your payment to our account, we will confirm receipt of the payment and send a voucher, which you present as tickets to the event. Please note that payment is in euros only!


Outside Nearly All inclusive model, a surcharge will only be a T-shirt made of functional material Coolmax and a circuit ride. Detail informations are HERE.


Paying to stay in the place of meeting will be possible, but in this case we can´t guarantee availability of accommodation, so to be sure we recommend you make a payment in advance. Sleeping in a tent is also possible however, the price difference is only about 3 euros / night so we recommend you booking a bungalow.


So, here we have basic information. Everything that was said, we will gradually refine. Just enough, you should look sometimes at the web site XJR Eurofest or Facebook.


Dear Friends - polish your bikes, complete tuning, practice your physical fitness for the competitions, follow the drinking regime and look forward - you have to !


Your participation enjoying


Bezda and Mrozik



PS: Our contacts you can find here or you can chat with us here.



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